How to hide the Computer Drive

Selasa, 01 November 2011

Peace for all of us? How do you all? Of course all right?
This time I want to give a little knowledge about how to hide drives our computers are very important from the hands of mischievous and naughty, before I wanted to tell you my experience related to our topic this time. When I was fiddling with the files on my laptop, without a sudden I realized one of my systems on my C drive to remove, and I had to reinstall my operating system on my laptop. So with this I tried to hide my C drive to secure files or system that is on my C Drive. Well now I want to share this tutorial for you all .. Not only a C drive alone that we can hide, but all the drives in the laptop / pc we can be hidden.

Here are the steps that can be done:
1. Click Start -> Run -> write cmd -> click OK
2. Write diskpart -> press enter


3. Write down the list volume  -> press enter (to see the list of drives in the computer)

List Volume
4. Determine Drive which will be hidden, for example here we will hide drive D
5. type select volume 3 -> press Enter
6. type remove letter F -> hit Enter
type exit to exit diskpart.
(to see the results check on my computer, in some cases the computer must be restarted first).

For Returns or redisplay the hidden drive, do the same thing from step 1 to 4
In step 5 the command was changed to: type assign letter F

credit : Dony Untung Prabowo

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2 November 2011 05.07  

Nice share

2 November 2011 06.52  

C Drive kehapus,
#bahasanya ada yg kecampur bro. :p

2 November 2011 11.10  

thanks for share post :)

3 November 2011 01.02  

@panduan belajar blog thank you for your submission, I correct it immediately.

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